Divorce and Family Law

Divorce and Family Law

Serving Haddonfield and South NJ

Are you going through a heartbreaking divorce or need help with child custody issues? The Law Office of Louis G. Guzzo has experience in civil cases and will provide the representation you need.

Feeling troubled about a forthcoming trial?

You can feel at ease knowing you're not alone. With help from the Law Office of Louis G. Guzzo, you can rest assured knowing you have an attorney who is on your side. Feel secure knowing that your attorney is available round-the-clock with Louis G. Guzzo of Haddonfield, NJ.

Are you worried about your civil case?

For any divorce or family-related issues, including child custody, the Law Office of Louis G. Guzzo in Haddonfield, NJ has years of experience in civil suits and is well prepared to handle your case.

Divorce Happens

You could risk losing things you treasure or be forced to pay large sums of money to your former significant other - do what it takes to protect your assets. Louis G. Guzzo builds effective relationships with his clients and earns their trust and represent them at trial in the handling of such complex issues.

Stay in the loop

The Law Office of Louis G. Guzzo works hard to keep you informed about the progress of your case. You will know what to expect in your upcoming trial, how to prepare, and the status of your case.

Fight your civil case with The Law Office of Louis G. Guzzo - Haddonfield, NJ

  • Premarital agreements
  • Mediation and annulments
  • Child support and alimony
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Property distribution and separation of assets
  • Domestic violence, spousal abuse and protective orders
  • Paternity, adoption and guardian law

Early morning, evening and weekend appointments available.